Housing Department Response

We write to the housing department to find out why the Barracks tenants were forcibly removed from their houses and why their previous dwellings were destroyed and not upgraded as they had requested.

Yunus Sacoor, Deputy Head of Housing, eThekwini Municipality, responds that; the Housing Department assisted all tenants in the relocation process to ensure that the movement process took place in an orderly fashion.  They were moved because the Tara Road complex was located within the Major Hazardous Industrial (MHI) zone, and therefore alternative accommodation was made available for the tenants.  According to him all tenants agreed in writing to the relocation to the new complex.

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Grootboom Housing Crisis

A film that investigates the case of the Grootboom community living around the sports field awaiting their promised housing.A gritty look at the squalor and poverty in an area in which 20 000 people crowd into a 2km radius with a broken down ablution block and very little service delivery.