The absurdist theatre of Afriforum vs Malema.

By Gillian Schutte

EFF leader, Julius Malema, has this past week, faced off Afriforum’s Advocate, Mark Oppenheimer, in what has to be the most ludicrous court case of the post 94 South Africa. Essentially, the singing of the apartheid freedom song, Kill the Boer, a chant that is deeply symbolic of Black resistance to White oppression, is on trial in the equality court of South Africa in the continuation of the Afriforum vs Malema hate speech case that has been ongoing since 2010. Oppenhiemer has come off as a pompous bumbling fool with his woefully inadequate understanding of the historical crime against humanity that was colonialism and apartheid. He cuts an unimpressive legal figure as he shoots limp and misplaced anachronisms at Malema’s quick witted responses. The court proceedings have unfolded like absurdist theatre, where white hegemony pits itself against Black resistance and exposes the sham of a so-called post-liberation democracy that boasts ‘the most progressive constitution in the world.’

Ex Political Prisoners say that Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo should withdraw his bid for the position of Chief Justice.


03 FEBRUARY 2022.

We, as a collective of Ex Political Prisoners, are disturbed to note that Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo was one of the first to jump into the boxing ring in response to Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulus’s long overdue article, Hi Mzansi, have we seen justice?  After some reflection we are prompted to ask where Zondo fits into the scheme of things regarding the CR presidential campaign?  Why would the Acting-Chief Justice risk engaging himself in a political fray when this can easily be construed as his involvement in a potential ‘conflict of interest’ on the eve of interviews and nominations for the position of the Chief Justice?