A comprehensive guide to white privilege in South Africa

By: Gillian Schutte:
Picture:  Media for Justice

Since I spend a lot of time  fielding questions around my anti-racism and anti-hegemonic writing and film work  as well as attempting to explain white privilege to denialists, I have decided to write an extensive guide to recognising white privilege. I was inspired by this anonymous Thought Catalog document, which extrapolates from Richard Dyer’s work on white privilege, and using it as a blueprint, I have borrowed from it, added to it and reworked it into the South African context.

1. White privilege, like whiteness itself, is almost indefinable to white people. There are few words to describe the invisible. However, white privilege is only invisible to white people and to those people of colour/black people who benefit from or buy into white privilege.

2. Many whites in South Africa are generally unwilling to engage in the topic of racism – most crying out that we “must move beyond race’ and that they “do not see colour”. This is the new phenomenon of “colour oblivious racism” that denies and ignores the fact that for people of colour/black people, race still matters because they still experience it. This is because colour oblivious white people still practice racism though they often claim to be non-racist.

3. These white folk will make statements such as “we don’t have apartheid anymore” or “there’s a black president now” and “we can’t be blamed for what our ancestors did – besides which BEE has made us the victims of black racism or black supremacy”.

4. Because of the transitional system of reconciliation, which seemed only to benefit white folk – coupled with the implementation of a business-biased macroeconomic policy – whites have continued to reap unearned privilege from the system. Economic studies have shown that many whites have in fact grown richer in the past 20 years – while the majority of blacks and smaller pockets of whites and minority groups have just grown poorer.

5. Yes, there is a burgeoning black middle class and many white people will often use this to point out that blacks are taking over and “stealing” their opportunities. This sense of ownership over opportunities is a sure sign of white privilege.

6. White privilege means not recognising that there is no such thing as Black Supremacy as black folk have not occupied and oppressed the world under a dominant ideology of Blackness.

7. There were also no “benefits” to black people under the colonial and apartheid rule, though some whites will argue that Europeans “brought civilisation to Africa for the blacks”. They did not. They built “civilisation” on the backs of black slavery, for themselves, and were just recently forced to share the spoils of their exploitative history with the indigenous people of this land.

8. This is because black people fought a long and hard struggle to overturn a system from which they received no benefits. White privilege means you do not make the connection between the struggle and a system of historically racialised oppression.

9. Whenever BEE comes up as a way to create opportunities for the previously disadvantaged, a white person is sure to say, “Race shouldn’t matter as much as merit. I don’t think people should be judged on the colour of their skin. Everyone should be judged regardless of their colour.” So why then do white people continue to judge black people according to their skin colour? Why does critique of blackness by the white regime always centre on their morphology, their blackness, their culture‘, ‘their penis‘, their bad use of English among other things? This message is implicit and sometimes explicit in white critique of blackness, whether in news reportage, art, satire, cartoons or columns.

10. The default here is that white people have more merit and capability and are therefore more deserving and worthy of opportunities.

11. White privilege is accusing black people of being racist when whites are critiqued for being racist and then saying skin colour has got nothing to do with it or suggesting they should move on.

12. Although race itself is a non scientific and false construct, racism is about the social construction of ideologies and laws rooted firmly in an exploitative history that have embedded “racial inequalities”. Race is a set of laws that are entrenched to favour whiteness and that most often vicitimise black folk. Racism is the law that becomes apartheid and is then replaced by neo-colonialism

13. White privilege is revealed when whites think or say that everything goes to pot when black people move in. This includes  property values, governance, education and infrastructure.  This often sees white folk moving out of neighbourhoods and countries to escape perceived negativeness around blackness.  Similarly, as we often see locally, when too many black kids move into a private or public school it soon sees whites leaving the school.

14. White privilege is participating in, or giving the order to, or staying silent about, the shooting of 44 striking black men dead because black working class bodies still have very little value in a white dominated system and many white people will think and say that they deserved it.

15. White privilege  is the common white assumption that all black people are lazy even though between 4am and 7am, the streets are filled with black folk making their way to badly paid jobs in white areas because they work hard to survive and feed and clothe their families.


“White privilege is reflected the second a person asks why we are still talking about race.

17. White privilege denialists are people that become offended, angry and often belligerent if another person calls out and probes their white privilege. They assert vociferously that questioning their whiteness is “reverse racism”. They accuse white people who interrogate whiteness of being stupid, mad or destructive and ‘other’ them in dehumanising terms.

18. White privilege is believing that reverse racism is real and moaning consistently about black privilege whilst denying white privilege. It is about equating privilege with material gains only and missing the point on the multi-levels on which black people, rich or not, continue to be assaulted by white negativity towards them.

19. White privilege is asking your badly paid maid to unpack your daily clothes-buying splurges in which you spend more in one day than you pay her for the month.

20. White privilege is asserting on a public platform that a white woman learning to Twerk is some sort of nation building exercise.

21. There are 56-million people in South Africa. Half of those people live below the breadline – the majority of poor people are black. This means they are trapped in a system that favours whiteness and white business at the expense of the poor. Many white people will blame this entirely on the government and while government must be critiqued for failing to adequately change the system and deliver to the poor, white people refuse to see the role of white greed and corporate power in this systemically skewed and racialised economy.

22. White privilege is investing in red rhino horns and demonising impoverished black poachers while never once considering marching against hunger or pointing their fingers at those at the top of the value chain in poaching, which is, sometimes, a white game farm owner.


“I don’t see race” or “we should all just look past race” are two general statements that can only be said by a person for whom race is not a daily struggle.

24. White privilege is entrenched and systemic entitlement because it has the authority to continuously demand presence of whiteness in all transformation processes and using black representation to further their “causes” only when it suits them. If white people are not in charge of transformation processes, which has become a white industry, they cry racism.

25. If black organisations spring up to take charge of their own representation and transformation white people will use sympathetic media to make a huge hullaballoo about the exclusion of whiteness and label it racism instead of seeing it as self-determination. This has ensured that the means-of-production has mostly remained in the hands of white business and has created another industry from which whites can benefit – the constant training of black people.

26. White privilege is being able to endlessly exploit black body for financial gains and pat themselves on their backs for doing “good” and “beneficial” work.

27. White privilege is the groundless fear that affirmative action programs are going to open the way for “the blacks to take over”, or more specifically to take “my position” at university or in the workplace. As the poster on Thought Catalog points out, white privilege is the assumption that the position is yours by default of being white.

28. In South Africa black people have also often been overlooked for coloured or Indian people for leadership positions in institutions of learning. This is because white people perceive minorities as less threatening and have more inherent trust in those who are not “fully black”. It is a deeply entrenched prejudice towards blackness that has been cultivated and passed down from generation to generation over the past four centuries.

29. White privilege is not noticing that in a country that is majority black and has a black government, the amount of black teachers and lecturers in schools, colleges and universities is not representative of the country’s demographics. Neither is the number of black directors of NGOs in civil society, or owners of film companies and media outlets. The corporate world remains largely untransformed too.

30. White privilege is blaming this on perceived black incompetence rather that seeing how the system is designed to provide opportunities for white people, then Indian and coloured people, and lastly black people, excluding the small black elite and elements of burgeoning black middle class. This is the racialised hierarchy of privilege entrenched in the apartheid system and still in place today. White privilege is accepting this status quo to preserve white benefit and ignoring the negative impact it has on the next generation.

31. White privilege is also blaming the poor for their poverty instead of interrogating at systemic issues that create poverty.

32. White privilege means not constantly having your intelligence or integrity questioned just because you are black. It means not having to work that much harder just to safeguard yourself from character assassination or put downs when you achieve prominence. It means never having to second-guess yourself about your competence or being sideswiped by disparaging comments by white people who are shaken by your success. It means not automatically being suspected of being open to corruption. It means not being racially profiled as the rapist, the tsotsi, the hijacker and the monster in the shadows, simply because you are black and male.

It means that if you are raped you are more likely to see justice.

33. Whiteness is invisible to white people.  In his book White, Richard Dyer describes  this phenomenon by explaining that since “whites are everywhere in representation… they seem not to be represented to themselves as whites” He describes this as the representational power of whiteness, which immunises whites against typecasting. Whiteness ‘culture’ has the innate belief that whites are both boundless in multiplicity yet homogeneous in their representation of good humanity:  “At the level of racial representation, in other words, whites are not of a certain race, they’re just the human race”.

A white person doesn’t think of themselves as white. We are just people.

White people very quickly revert to being ‘White’ when they need to differentiate themselves from perceived “bad behaviours” of “these people” though.

34. As the Thought Catalog poster points out, when we talk about white privilege, we’re not only talking about being wealthy. Wealth is about class and we all know there is a small elite class of black and minority groups in South Africa (onto whom many whites project all elements of corruption and unfair power acquisition as they somehow think blacks do not deserve to be rich). What we are talking about a set of automatic but invisible advantages, like never being told that we speak well.

35. It means never having someone walk towards you with a face-cracking smile that seeks to prove that this white person is okay with black folk and is inwardly congratulating herself for her magnanimous and non-racial attitudes. It means never being spoken to in broken stilted English in a fake African accent.

36. White privilege is knowing that the stuff you are taught at schools and universities is largely centered on your culture and value system.

37. White privilege is appropriating aspects of black culture in carnivalesque situations such as “Rag or pantomime” or as some kind of fun celebration but then “returning to whiteness” with no inkling of the experience of living black. It is believing that multiculturalism is non-racism and failing to explore the many levels of racism that lie beneath the veneer of a rainbow nation.

38. White privilege is claiming you are “African” and into “Ubuntu” but doing and saying nothing about the inequalities you see around you, thus maintaining your white privilege while assuming commonality and brotherhood with those exploited by the system of which you are a beneficiary.

39. It means co-opting and appropriating black words to push your own business while not fully understanding or practicing the meaning of the indigenous knowledge that you colonise with little reflection on the privileged act of stealing from black awareness.

40. White privilege is thinking it is normal to say you are not racist because you have no problem with “these people”.


“Not all white people are racist, but all white people have white privilege.

This is so even in a country that is African – because we belong to and are privileged by a “white regime” that is global and not just a local neo-colonial phenomenon.

42. ‘The first step to overcoming racism is recognising you have white privilege”. You cannot deconstruct a social construct if you do not recognise how you have benefited from it as a white person. While I have never really been economically privileged, with a single-mother household for most of my childhood, I know I have white privilege by virtue of having white skin and that I am percieved and treated in a way that bestows unearned privileges onto me by virtue of my skin colour. These same privileges are most often denied to black people. An example would be not being held up and searched at customs because I am white and thus less likely to be a potential threat.

When you are cognizant of your own white privilege, you are better equipped to “see and understand systemic discrimination and inequality” and begin to deconstruct it from within. It is hard to imagine being anti-racist without being anti-imperialst and anti-neoliberal as these are the very systems that perpetuate inequality and racism globally.”

44. I am sure there are many more examples of white privilege and I invite readers to please add to this list by sending me your examples of white privilege.

To follow… the many responses to how white privilege impacts on people’s lives that I received to this article.

 (This is a revised version of an article that originally appeared on ThoughtLeader, Mail and Guardian)


  1. White privilege is walking to work out of choice. Walking to and from work out of choice and encountering millions of working class black people with no choice on the way. This while numerous white people would drive past elderly black people and ask white, able -bodied YOU if you are ok, and if you need a lift.

  2. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
    As a 30 yer old White man in this New South Africa of OURS, I had to work for every single thing I have to show for my life. Every sent I lent will be paid back to whoever lent it to me. I, like millions of other white people have not been handed any opportunities from our government to better myself or my situation…
    I ask you what I as a white person under the age of 30 should feel/be privileged for? I’m privileged to be myself, a person who wants to better himself and his surroundings. Not because I’m white. You have eye patches on both your eyes if you think that living in SA is easier for me cause I’m white, and I’m oblivious to the hardships and suffering around me.
    The truth is that your race *(most black folks) are instinctively still afraid that whites will rule over them…. but for the last 30 years the ANC has had every opportunity to hand over the privilege of being empowered to all the colors of the rainbow, not just whites or blacks. If you as person thinks its racist/white privilege when whites use the term “these people”, then I suggest reading this article and Imagine I was saying these things about your race… You would think I’m racist against whites. like I believe you are. We are all people! Every joker that tries to portray any other race as being like this or that is racist. Fuck I guess we are all racist and trying to make as if it doesn’t exists makes us all privileged… no wonder we havnt gotten anywhere in the last 30 years.

  3. Sigh. It is on reading self-loathing white liberal rubbish like this yet again that one really gets to appreciate Andile Mngxitama:

    “To end racism, actually, would be to realise the Armageddon that those whites Schutte derides for being paranoid know awaits in some historical corner. It can’t be otherwise, given the magnitude of historical transgression against blacks. The coming apocalypse was best described in JM Coetzee’s Disgrace.

    To his credit Coetzee left the country because he knows, like Lucy in the novel, that whites have to start from the beginning with nothing – like dogs. This kind of thinking offends liberals like Schutte, who just want a little bit of acknowledgment.

    Because Schutte and Co can go through life innocent until proven guilty, get intuitive access to property and land, and escape police harassment, they cannot isolate that privilege to being the burden of good whites as though it does not translate to black oppression and marginalisation. In this regard there’s no unlearning whiteness. Schutte’s “each one teach one” training on whites resolving racism for blacks is unintelligible and disingenuous. The essence of white being, its intrinsic link to domination and privilege, is what needs to be destroyed and the possibility of its structural superiority is what must be ended. Some may think it is unreasonable to ask white people to tutor each other towards this goal – but for black people there can be no lesser demand if white supremacy is to end.”

  4. White privilege is googling “woman”, “man”, children”, “baby” and even “people” and 90% of the time pictures come up as white people without searching specifically for white people. With black people/people of colour on the flip side you have to be specific as to the race you are looking for i.e “black woman, black man, black baby, black people” as if black people/people of colour can not be classified simply as humans instead race has to be specified.

  5. I fail to see how the belittlement of the only cultural model that offers any scope for upliftment is a valid stance. This alphabet, and long pants too, you might want to treat as further examples of white privilege. Are we aiming for a lowest common denominator of alleged equality, where everyone has to walk to menially paid jobs or are we trying to develop real justice, a civic morality and viable economic alternatives that may allow us to better ourselves and each other. These whites whom you feel are privileged are only so by their history and the civilisation they trace their heritage from. Who can hold their achievements against them. It’s not like the Zulus were peacable and diplomatic before the coming of colonialism.(Go read about it, before you take offence.) Are we belittling the whites or our own continent when we declare such an erroneous concept as white privilege to be the fault of whitey, as though his actions were the true cause for the guilt we would like him to feel. Fact is, history is a real unjust bitch. (Go read about it, i insist, you might learn something.) We all have ancestors, are we are all ancestors. We have choices. We can build or we can ask for a handout. My ancestors cam to this continent as illiterate labourers, but they built the grounds for my education, and saw to it that our family grew to be comfortably middle-class. Comfortable mind you, and while we have risen slowly out of poverty over three generations, we have never been privileged. Unless we are defining ‘privileged’ as merely ‘having access to a moral framework’. Perhaps we of this continent need to reappraise our true goals, are we comparing ourselves to our potential or are we merely working to undermine what is left of the civilised framework of this country and its citizens. Why are there so few black patrons of the arts, what about the many black diamonds, are they not the real privileged? There are fools of all colours running our country into the ground and yet we are fighting a civil war framed in colour, out of ignorance, against a guilt that is no longer real. Perhaps we deserve what is coming to us. I pray for our descendants to surpass our foolishness. With best regards, I. C. Colour

  6. i consider myself liberal, but this type of breast beating and self loathing is a bit much……it is i.m.o also insulting to black people, since this article can be construed to justify any negative action.
    History is replete with instances of privileged groups, regardless of color. Mostly in a class system, be it the feudal system in Europe, with its aristocracy and serfs,kingship and slavery all over the world including Africa, or being an Irish immigrant in America 200 years ago…….such is life, so has the vast majority of the worlds population in history (whites included) suffered under the privileged few.
    Since the enlightenment the lower classes of white people in Europe and the US has seized the change to improve their lot, and today even the working class is prosperous enough in those countries……many in the “upper classes” still perceive themselves to be superior, but your average American or European working man scoffs at this and consider himself the equal of any in spite of still remaining ancient “privileges” to the elite. They worked themselves up to this point in history,without wiping out the privileged ……….Much the same can be said of the South African white Afrikaner vis a vis the SA English 80 years ago.
    Do you have so little faith in the black man that you think he can’t do the same, without the help of the “enlightened” white man? you are certainly implying it……..Why should the black man care about white thinking……the point is, in spite of historical privileges not accorded and still working against him, he now has the opportunity to escape the morass of poverty and servitude…….like many groups in the past has done…….and they will do it.
    If you continue to casts people as victims, some will continue to act like victims………Give the black man time, he will rise to the occasion….he does not need your help……..leave the white man alone, that all can flourish……..this country can become truly great, by allowing self-esteem to flourish, and believing in the capabilities of the individuals here…..we will overcome and build a great country, where dignity is universal, pride restored and talks of victimhood consigned to the dustbin of history

  7. Stephen – “History is replete with instances of privileged groups, regardless of color.”

    Remember Gillian and Pierre De Vos grew up in small Freestate town where there were only White people. So yes, they have never heard of Cuba or USSR or the Cold War in fact they they were brainwashed by the racist Whites that all those Communists are black and trying to steal South Africa’s diamonds.

  8. So, the take home message from this article is: white people are snivelling little c@nts that need to be trampled into submission by the new black majority? Thanks for that. I didn’t benefit at all from apartheid, but now I need to be bitch slapped because I’m white? Sounds like the author is a total racist. You do know that it’s illegal to discriminate against a race?

  9. Stephen, you speak for righteousness, you speak sense, and even the author needs to take note of your reply & eat humble pie! I felt like you took my thoughts and put them to paper better I would have done myself. Thanks for that.

    1. A good thing is that we have many whites like you in our country. We (as a country) need to ensure to not encourage misplaced guilt on whites like you. We need to encourage your sense of belonging in this country, pride in your heritage, allow you space (ideologically, spiritually, traditionally, religiously, educationally, and even racially) to exist and thrive. Whites in general must continue to thrive. Unreservedly, I mean that. Here I must emphasise that I am a win-win mentality kind of person.

    2. A highlight of your writing for me, is your expressed true belief that blacks (like history has shown all over the world) will sort themselves and thrive too. I want to add that that will be quicker than we even realize now–the platform is ripe with the speed of communications in place facilitating all sorts of good things. It will also be a better self empowerment in that it will not ride on racial oppression, but on another basis; be it education, financial intelligence, or the like–and not a single person can claim lack of access/opportunity in these stated areas.

    3. Media writers tend sometimes to not challenge readers in their writing style. The original article speaks as if it represents some absolute truth, authority and knowledge about the racial situation in this country, whereas in my opinion it merely stated the popular and prevalent mentality, viz. racial victim mentality, racial inferiority complex, self-limiting thinking, win-lose approach or mindset, and the thought that for blacks to thrive they must be like whites or whites must be seen to be poor or the like. Granted, some absolute ills by whites still continue–that must be halted. I do not refer to subtle, petty, debatable practices that I see disappointingly sprinkled all over the main article.

    4. Reconciliatory and liberal blacks in the article are sidelined into a species that must feel bad about being blind to this white privilege reality that still prevails. This message is subtle in the article, but it is there. Yes, it is very true that some white individuals remain racist. But there are equally many blacks that hate other races (justification aside). So the point is not to create love in infertile grounds. The point is to create financial, social, economic empowerment. I don’t feel bad at all, in the same way that felt you say about your positive attitude (liberal).
    People must just get on with their daily grind and work toward the ideal, fight in their space what they encounter that holds us individually or collectively back in our pursuit of empowerment for all.

    5. Lastly. I think I would like to see and hear more from voices like yours and mine, messages and replies going against some of the prevalent articles and voices that perpetuate the negative racial stereotypes. It was good to read your response after I felt largely disapproving of the essence of the main article.

  10. So basically their is a huge difference in culture and value systems between whites and black Africans. This gap will not be filled in anyway and to prove it – the Afrikaners has been in Africa for more than 350 years and yet they did not take over not single trait , custom or anything from the African neighbours.
    This is because the difference between Afrikaners western culture and value system is to great to bridge. many African though has become very westernised.
    This begs the question of why white are suppose to give up their own culture and ‘Africanize’ ?

    I put it to you that self-determination for Afrikaners is the best solution for all involved. It will allow everybody to function within his own controlled environment but also to co-operate to mutual advantage. Self-determination is becoming a growing world wide phenomenon because minorities are oppressed by unitary states and the tyranny of majorities in democracies.

  11. The saddest (if not most challenging) issue about any position of privilege and power (regardless of race or class) is the unwitting blind spots these positions carry. I would love to talk about that…

    One potential counter anti-thesis to white-privilege, is black entitlement To me, both manifestos require very careful reflection.

    Neither should be confused with the inherent systemic and cultural challenges that we all face as human beings…

    I admire your thinking.

  12. you guys got it good over here. just saying. look it’s all about the plantation lifestyle, or racial stratification. in hawaii there are self entitled hateful “hawaiians” and I put quotations because most are not even hawaiian, they have brown skin, are from portugal, china, mexico, and the phillipines. anyway because they have brown skin and are not black, they seem to have been given more authority and sense of superiority and privilege to laud themselves over whites and blacks. as a matter of fact, i’d be willing to say that hawaiians hate blacks more than your typical southern redneck..true story. the brown privilege is what we need to be talking about here..and also, black underpriviledge. (if that’s a word)..Look people, black people have always been at the bottom of the barrel. During the slave trade which was actually spearheaded by the portuguese (brown ppl) they worked with the germans to bring black and indian slaves to work on sugar cane plantations..they did this in brazil too..so while whites get to be blamed for all the racism and hatred, and evil in the world, brown people get to play the victim and oppressor at the same time. they get to victimize people of darker skin color and demonize white people..all i can say is, if you can’t give out equal rights and justice then you have no right to ask for it. Your question should be asking people about brown privilege, because in this day and age, it’s brown privilege that’s the real oppressor. Brown people are also more tolerated by white people because they aren’t as dark which emboldens brown people even further in their hatred for whites and blacks alike. it’s really quite sickening..so please, the whole “white” privilege and discourse, forcing us into self loathing isn’t gonna work any more. we went through that whole discourse in the late nineties early 00’s. evolve and recognize the real oppressors. Black people through and through are the ones that are being truly victimized by all races lighter than them and its got to stop.

  13. Thanks for these refreshing words. All I want is for my family and friends to be able to continue living in this country we love so much.

  14. I understand the authors numerous points which describe an issue, a problem or a point of view. In my mind it denigrates black people and I agree with sipza123. What is the purpose besides self promotion? Is it to make white people feel guilty? Where is the solution? What are you asking me to do? Be nice to black people?

    Fortunately I don’t feel guilty and I don’t have my token black people in my entourage to make me feel good about myself. I have black friends and sons who laugh together with me at articles like this. They have been friends and equals since before 1994. They have flourished as township kids in a new South Africa. I identified white privilege long before your disparaging article and without your stereotype.

    So how do you solve the problem? By making people defensive? No, you carry on as normal with a responsibility to make a difference in your circle of influence. And if there are no black people in that circle then there’s part of the problem. Use your privilege, not white privilege to better others. Regardless of race there is always someone who is less privileged than you are.

    My black friends and sons talk about my solid upbringing, resourceful father, good education, work experience and many other advantages that they didn’t have. We identify how to correct the lack of this in their lives. I mentor, father or teach them to fill the lack through long chats, living in my home or joint ventures. Never handouts or financially. If they ever thought I was doing it because of white guilt it would be meaningless.

    They have a problem with black privilege. People who have reversed the stereotype and do nothing for their own people. They have a problem with black entitlement which is the reverse of white privilege. They have a problem white people who don’t see their true value and contribution.

    If you identify a problem without giving a solution you become another another scaremonger. The results of the article? Whites will justify and defend doing nothing about it. Right something of value. Give us ideas and solutions. Somewhere in the Bible it says that older men must teach the younger men. I do this without white guilt and use my “white privilege”.

    P.S. I was an apartheid policeman in the 70/80s, had a racist father and my business is called Jabulani Afrika.

  15. Aphiwe, I think there are a lot of factors that come into play to produce the resultant images when we type into google search engines, and these need to be considered before drawing biased conclusions such as you have done. Statistically, Asian / Chinese are the largest ethnic group in the world, so it would be logical to think that when typing in ‘baby’ ‘woman’ or ‘man’ into google images, they should reflect that global population demographic as most people in the world are Asian. However this is not the case. We know Chinese citizens internet access is heavily censored and many Asian countries are still developing countries economically, which means that many people don’t have internet access or computers in their homes as we would have in the West. Africa, too, is considered Third World, and because of poverty, warfare, lack of infrastructure and a host of other difficult factors that developing countries face, internet access to the majority of the continent’s population (black Africans) is extremely limited. So statistically, the largest group of Internet users are in America, Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia, and these countries are populated by predominantly caucasian people. The amount of web content and web-based companies, and people uploading photo’s onto the web is obviously also mainly produced by these countries. To summarize, google isn’t racist, nor is it proof of white priviledge. The internet is more accessible in developed countries (because large middle class, stable-ish economies and infrastructure) and google image search results are a reflection of this. White is not being shunted as the global norm, but because they reflect the demographic of internet users and minority groups need to be searched for more specifically. Please give careful consideration before jumping to conclusions that could incite more unfounded bias and hatred because of misconstrued facts. With love and respect, Wonder

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