Teachers Notes: Right to Clean Environment

PART ONE: (End of first video)

Ask Children what they have learned from Part One:  (10 minute discussion about issues)

Task:  Break the class into groups of 4 – set online research task.

They must research or discuss the topic at hand and write a short report to present to class.

PART TWO: (End of second video)

Play the section where The Justice Gang present their research.

Get the children to mark themselves against the research and tell you their assessment of their own understanding.

Set homework- do more research and write individual reports for marks.


Demonstrate their understanding by doing a role play around the issue.


Set up a debate where two groups role play different sides of the problem and argue their sides.

PART THREE: (End of third video)

Ask each child to devise an active citizenship action in relation to the issue.

Show this short video – it offers tips and advice in how to go about becoming an active citizen.

Discuss options to: write a letter to the press/start a petition/start an activist group/do a protest/take it to the courts or government/write and article/make a film

(This film encapsulates the options)

Let each group present their ideas to help change the situation – they must demonstrate a good understanding of the issue at hand.

Wrap up the lesson with a participative discussion on the issue.

 Teachers Notes – Background Information on Teaching Children’s Rights.

Click Here to Read  Why Teach Childrens’ Rights?

Click Here to Read  What are Childrens’ Rights?

Discuss this with class as introduction to Children’s Rights Course.

Show Millennium Development Goals to further explore the issue of children’s rights in SA.



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