Victims of witch-hunts in South Africa are ignored.

By: Damon Leff

A recent MWEB radio advert and the response from City Press demonstrated how human rights abuses resulting from accusations of witchcraft in South Africa are dismissed in favour of profit and misleading headlines. [0]

The advert portrayed members of a mythical ‘coven of Gwadana Forest‘. The usual allegations against Witches are made – that Witchcraft is ipso-facto ‘black magic’, that a sister Witch fell from her magical transport device, and that Witches create zombies from the dead and curse people. The ad ends with conveners being encouraged to join twitter in order to “cast more curses” and Facebook in order to “send hellfire through someone’s Facebook inbox”, by subscribing to MWEB’s Internet package.

The producers of this ad (M&C Saatchi Abel Cape Town) refer to it as “tongue-in-cheek” and “Something fun for a Friday”.

The reality is, making fun of stereotypical non-existent witches for profit is neither humorous nor conducive to ending witch-hunts, many of which occur within the ethnic group targeted by this advert.

Ugogo wami, ugogo wakho nawe

In November 2013 a 60+ year old grandmother was falsely accused of causing the now infamous Moloto Road accident in Mpumalanga Province that claimed 30 lives and left 29 injured. [1]

On November 11 a truck drove into the back of a tipper truck, which in turn collided with a bus and a bakkie. Shortly after the first reports began filtering through internet media houses, accusations of witchcraft as a cause for the accident began to surface on the ground. 14 days after the accident (November 25), City Press, Sowetan Live and IOL reported that 33 people had been arrested after an elderly woman’s house was burnt down in Waterval. [2]

According to police spokesperson, Leonard Hlathi, residents of Waterval had accused the gogo (grandmother) of bewitching the bus driver in the Moloto Road accident. The as yet unnamed victim was reported to have been taken to a place of safety by the police. No further news reports were published about the arson, or the fate of the victim. The SAPS will not reveal any further details regarding her well-being or whereabouts.

Like thousands of victims of accusation before her, the Waterval grandmother has silently disappeared.

The relocation of victims of accusation is fraught with dangerous complications. Bad news spreads quickly amongst rural populations with extended families, and victims moved to another village for safety often arrive at the same time as rumours of their accusation. An accusation of witchcraft, proven or not, constitutes a virtual sentence of permanent expulsion and isolation. Those lucky to escape street justice with their lives have little choice in where they will end up. Most have found their way to refugee “witch camps” in Limpopo province.

South Africa faces a growing refugee crisis as many victims of witchcraft accusation who survive assault are forcibly expelled from their communities by community leaders, traditional leaders and traditional healers, sometimes after being tried in traditional courts and found guilty through divination alone of alleged but still unproven accusations of witchcraft activity. Citizens accused of Witchcraft and tried within such courts are not provided with legal counsel and evidence presented in such courts, including formal consultations with diviners in determining or alleging guilt, would not qualify as proper evidence in any other court of law.

Within traditional courts, witchcraft is viewed as a malevolent magical act, one punishable under customary African laws. Accusations of witchcraft, though illegal under the 1957 Witchcraft Suppression Act, are frequently heard by traditional courts. Accusations are always based on suspicion, rumour, or gossip.

The South African government will not acknowledge the existence of either refugee villages or refugees, and seeks instead to increase the authority and influence of traditional leaders and traditional courts.

Untested allegation published as fact

In reporting the Moloto Road accusation, one South African publication notorious for publishing untested rumour and unexamined accusations and allegations regarding the supernatural, The Daily Sun, inadvertently highlighted another contributing factor of accusations and how they are dealt with by the South African government generally. Its headline for 26 November read ‘Gogo who ‘stole’ crash driver’s soul in hiding’. The article recounted unproven allegations of an as yet unproven alleged confession by the old woman of having bewitched the driver in order to steal his soul.

“A resident, who did not want to be named, said the gogo had asked him to accompany her to the local chief so she could apologise for what she had done. She allegedly said she did not mean to kill all the people and only wanted the bus driver’s soul. When residents heard about this they set the gogo’s house alight.” [3]

In hundreds of public comments on this article, both rich and poor, educated and uneducated alike, called for her summary execution. No evidence of wrongdoing was required for a public death sentence. Why should they require evidence when an accusation of witchcraft is, in this and many other countries, ipso facto a charge of guilt?! Prejudice against any person accused of witchcraft has already been institutionalized by both traditional and state laws that legally require that ‘acts of witchcraft’ be suppressed.

The tragic loss of life in the Moloto Road accident ought not to have become a reason to victimise a senior member of the Waterval community. This lady’s house had already been burned to the ground simply because members of her own community chose to scapegoat her for an accident she clearly had no hand in creating.

Any confession to any alleged supernatural event must be tested with evidence in a court of law before a verdict of guilty can be made against the woman – the real victim here – and since no court of law will find evidence of supernatural circumstance as complicit in the execution of an event already confirmed through evidence as a negligent accident, no accusation of “witchcraft” can or should have been made by anyone against this innocent woman. To do so remains illegal under South African law. To publish such allegations as factual evidence constituted an incitement to violence against an innocent citizen.

Ending witch-hunts: challenging false beliefs

Accusations of Witchcraft continue to discriminate against those accused, but they also serve to further marginalize an already existing religious minority that identifies Witchcraft as its religion. Since 2008 actual South African Witches have publicly and deliberately challenged both traditional African and Christian beliefs about witchcraft and witches.

Through promoting an annual campaign against witch-hunts and accusations of witchcraft, the South African Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA) [4] has actively sought to dialogue with numerous stakeholders including the media, religious leaders, traditional healers, government officials and non-governmental institutions established to uphold and protect our country’s constitution and Bill of Rights. [5]

In doing so we have encountered obstinate bias against anything at all to do with the subject of witchcraft from most identified stakeholders, an attitude not unexpected from a society that generally believes without evidence that no good can come from ‘a witch’. This widely held prejudicial belief is a product of centuries of fantasy, urban legend and deliberate religious and cultural propaganda that seeks to characterise ‘witches’ as malevolently evil two-dimensional supernatural beings incapable of doing good. The ‘witch’ has become a convenient scapegoat for every unexplained or unexpected misfortune. It remains however a stereotype contradicted by millions of actual self-identified Witches globally.

South African media, with very few exceptions, has paid scant attention to ongoing witch-hunts and even less to advocacy against witchcraft accusations in this country. [6] Mainstream media’s refusal to focus attention on both accusations and campaigns to end witch-hunts reflects our government’s own denial of ongoing human rights abuses that result from false accusations of bewitchment. [7]

Any attempt to end accusations of witchcraft must begin with challenging the actual beliefs that continue to motivate such accusations. This cannot happen if media continues to ignore the issues or chooses instead to promote only prejudicial stereotypes and unproven allegations.

In the name of the victims of witchcraft accusation past and present, I appeal to South African and international journalists and editors to demonstrate bold courage in supporting this ongoing struggle for human rights, justice and dignity in South Africa.

Your silence will not do!

References and further reading:

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Published: Tuesday, 2013/11/26

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The Author: Damon Leff is the International Coordinator of Touchstone Advocacy against witch-hunts, Director of the South African Pagan Rights Alliance, and Editor-in-chief of Penton Independent Pagan Media.




  1. I find it amusing that Xolani focuses, in his comment, only on his own preconceived and wholly incorrect ideas and prejudices about me personally; my skin colour, my white privilege, my white culture, my alleged misunderstanding of Xhosa culture and folklore, but he ignores entirely the actual subject of this article. Like others who share his prejudices against white people in general (I’m assuming), the murder of innocent victims of accusation and prejudice is of secondary or no consequence in comparison to his hatred of me, the white man. Xolani demonstrates an unfortunately prevalent attitude of disdain for any advocacy against human rights abuses, not because the abuses are wrong or unjust, but because a white man dares to speak for the silent victims of such abuse. I see no other activist speaking for these victims. I guess you’ll just have to continue to hate me for what you feel about me, rather than focus on the issues at hand.

  2. ChristopherBlackwell

    There is nothing funny about being falsely accused of black magic. Why are the victims ignored and it considered to be humor to make up an add like this when people die from such false accusations everyday in Africa, too many in South Africa. Please explain since all of the victim are black, that why so few black people condemn it or work to end it. Black people are the victims yet bring it up and it is a sign of white people not understanding? What is there so hard to understand about murder of innocent people, their being black changes nothing.

    This should not be just a black or just a white thing, this should horrify all good people regardless of their color or ethnic background. I find it strange that calling for the end of more black victims being beaten tortured and killed is seen as a sign of racism, and by who? Why is the black government of this country against doing anything about it, in fact denying it is a problem. Since when has killing of black people become okay by anyone in Africa, black or white. I thought that was why the people rose up and worked to end Apartheid. How is supporting killing boac people part of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s dream, or wide open corruption in government.

  3. Xolani, you did not follow the appended resources. If you had, you would know that the article to which you refer misquoted me entirely!
    My statement to said journalist was “Were it not for the fact that witch-hunts continue to occur, I would have found the advert amuzing.” I also never said members of my faith community (Witches) were being “terrorized”. That is not what was published!

    My “fringe organization” is a human rights ngo that represents the interests of a religious minority (Paganism) of which I am a member (a Pagan Witch).. I trust you are not implying that South African citizens have no right to exercise our constitutional right to speak and act on matters of human rights which affect us?! Yes, witch-hunts do affect real Witches as well, but not through accusation. If I had wanted to promote my religion I would have written a very different kind of article.

    This Alliance is responding to the English translation of said radio advert. The words, witches, wizards, witchcraft and sorcery were used. At no time has this Alliance addressed any concerns relating to traditional healers!

    I am not a Wiccan! Wicca is only one modern Witchcraft religion. Most Witches are also NOT Wiccan. This Alliance represents Witches, only some of whom identify as Wiccan. Clearly a subject you are not well versed in.

    I am sorry that your prejudice prevents you from seeing our campaign as anything but a genuine effort to bring an end to human rights abuses in this country.

  4. Xolani, as long as you view me as ‘the other’, you will never cross the racial divide forged by my ancestors. We are human first! Only those who sit in judgement of others need remove logs from their eyes.

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