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Gillian Schutte

Feminist, filmmaker, writer, poet, activist and author, Gillian Schutte has a degree in African politics, an MA in Creative Writing and a Film Director’s qualification from the Binger Institute, Netherlands. Winner of the Award of Excellence for her documentary entry to the Society for Visual Anthropology Festival in Washington, 2005, and author of the novel After Just Now — Schutte fearlessly and creatively tackles issues of race, identity, sexuality and social justice in her multimedia work. She is a co-founder of Media for Justice co-owner of handHeld Films. and co producer of the online Reality TV series The Schutte Singiswas’.

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Sipho Singiswa

Sipho Singiswa is an ex-political prisoner from Robben Island.  He has a background rich in political activism and is a social justice activist and filmmaker.  His major focus is on social justice rights and equality as well as reclaiming the black narrative through a black lens.  Even the struggle story has been owned and commodified by white directors and business owners.  Sipho’s passion is to provide platforms from which black people speak for themselves and own their own agency and narratives.  He is anchor and founder of the online TV and Radio Program The Social Justice Lens. He is Co-Founder of Media for Justice.

Selogadi Ngwanangwato Mampane


Selogadi Ngwanangwato Mampane describes them-self as a Queer, radical, Pan-African feminist, a human rights activist, academic and artist working towards being a peacebuilder, specifically around issues of sex, gender and race. Selogadi is a certified peacebuilder, having trained at the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) in Ethiopia, has a BA (Drama) and a BA (Drama) Honours degree from the University of Pretoria and is currently completing their Masters in Drama at the University of Pretoria. Utilising a methodology of Queered Practice-Led Research, Selogadi constructs art as activism and performance interventions, interrogating the violence perpetrated against LGBTIQ people and the regulation their bodies face in South African communities and institutions.

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