About Us

Media for Justice was established in 2010 by non partisan, independent human rights practitioners,  filmmakers, activists and journalists. MfJ’s main concern is to expose problems in the field of environmental and social injustice and bring them into the spotlight from a community perspective.

MfJ is guided by the following approaches

  • Environmental and Social Justice
  • Rights Based
  • Gender Justice
  • People centered
  • Empowerment and Capacity Building
  • Advocacy
  • Information Dissemination
  • Education
  • Global Solidarity in people’s struggles


MfJ develops mixed media that can be used for the advocacy of  environmental and socio-economic rights of those who are marginalised on the basis of race, class and gender.

Through media advocacy MfJ will contribute towards lobbying for a people-centered, just approach to governance and for corporate accountability.


A picture speaks a thousand words.  MFJ provides a high visual content and is documentary driven.  Visual stories are effective in raising awareness around the plight of marginalised communities and gives face to the struggles of human beings living in untenable conditions.

Narrative journalism

This is a people-centered forum where stories are told through the narratives of those who are experiencing the situation first hand.

Teaching tools

MfJ develops hypermedia teaching tools to be used by communities, civil society and institutions of learning.  These are experiential, mixed-medium case studies that are based on actual events and provide dynamic hands-on training in real issue-based scenarios.

Production and Distribution

MfJ produces broadcast and teaching documentaries around human rights, as well as distributes independent media films.

Our focus areas are

Gender Justice, Women’s Rights, Environmental Justice and issues related to Social Justice and Human Rights.