Foot Soldiers of the Liberation struggle sidelined in 20 years of democracy.

A short film by Sipho Singiswa.

This film looks at the plight of ex APLA and MK soldiers and ex political prisoners from South Africa’s apartheid days.  It is an informal truth and reconciliation process between ex SADF soldiers, ex MK combatants and ex-political prisoners from Robben Island.  It questions what motivated people to fight on either side in those dark days and questions what the state is doing for those men who fought for the liberation of South Africa.  It seems they have been forgotten in the 20 year democracy public media debates – in fact no one has sought out the voices of the foot soldiers of South Africa’s liberation struggle.  Most of them still live and die in poverty even though billions has been raised in their names.  None of this money has trickled down to the foot soldiers yet it has enriched the elite.

Sipho Singiswa is an ex-political prisoner and ex-MK operative.  He is a tireless activist for the rights of ex political prisoners in his film and social justice work.

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