Become a Filmmaker!

We teach filmmaking to children at schools, as a complimentary course to the curriculum, or as as an extramural at schools.

Learn how to make a film on your holiday – We run holiday film making courses for kids too.

You will learn to make short films for You Tube, for film festivals and for your families.

Our 8 beat course covers the following:

Workshop 1:  Getting technical – how to use a camera, lighting, sound.

Workshop 2:  FInding your story – narrative explorations.

Workshop 3:  Finding your film style – exploration of different styles and techniques.

Workshop 4:  Production:  Research, Production Schedule, Equipment

Workshop 5: Filming you story: 1 Day of supervised filming.  3 Days independent filming.

Workshop 6:  Editing your film: Digitizing and doing the paper edit.

Workshop 7:  Cutting your film

Workshop 8:  Special effects, titling, sound.

Advanced Courses: 5 Day Course

Workshop 1:  Starting your own Blog and You Tube Channel

Workshop 2:  Finding content

Workshop 3:  Citizen Journalism – filming for human rights.

Workshop 4:  Filming family functions – Weddings, Barmitsvahs, Christenings, Birthdays, School Functions

Workshop 5:  Editing for Clients.

Diversity Project

This is a film course that encourages kids to make an investigative short film on a family that lives a very different life to theirs – economically different, from a different religion or from a different race.  They are encouraged to go beyond the obvious and find both the similarities and differences in their lives.

Human Rights/Citizen Journalism

This film course encourages students to make a film on a human rights issue that they are aware of.  It must be something that they have heard of or something that they know of and see daily.  In this course they begin to learn research skills and human rights sensitivities as a journalist.

Facilitators: Our teachers are all experienced and award winning filmmakers who have taught film and mentored filmmakers that have gone on to become fully fledged filmmakers.

Read more about award winning documentary filmmakers Gillian Schutte and Sipho Singiswa here.

Contact Gillian Schutte on 083 598 0505 to enquire about course availability.

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