We do hypermedia lectures & Presentations.

Topics Include

  • Why children should know The Constitution.
  • Why Adults should know The Constitution.
  • 53 Lessons on Constitutional Rights and Active Citizenship.
  • What is Feminism?
  • Women and Poverty?
  • Is there any intersectionality between margianalised and middle class women?
  • Creating a discourse for new feminism.
  • Feminism and Protest.  What impacts?
  • Violence against Women – what to do?
  • Decolonising the Feminist Movement.
  • Neoliberalism, Poverty and Protest.
  • Unpacking the Neoliberal State.
  • Poverty and Health.
  • Race & Body
  • Whiteness and the Public Sphere.
  • Unpacking the discourse of domination.
  • White Privilege and how to recognise it.