Why do townships still exist?

By Siphiwe Sithole:
Photo by David Van Wyk

I have often wondered when I was younger why during the week I would sleep in a nice house where my grandmother worked as a domestic worker in the suburbs but on the weekends get into a taxi and sleep in a small hose in Meadowlands.

The terminal nature of poverty

By Gillian Schutte & Sipho Singiswa:
Photo: Jared Sacks

As academics, journalists, social commentators and activists we have a sense that we know the poor. We are outraged by poverty and inequality and advocate for equity and a life of dignity for all. We look for ways to bring the voices of the poor into the public debate and ask questions around how we can get democracy to work for the poor. But few of us have even an inkling of the full spectrum of what it means to be poor.