Anyone who thinks Verwoerd is worth celebrating will be met with “Black Rage”!

By Dafita Madisa

Allister Sparks should be ashamed of himself, celebrating the Father of Apartheid like Verwoerd had some “Redeeming Feature” showed that he had no noble bone in him. This is nothing but airbrushing and revising the historical record. His celebration of Verwoerd ranks right up there with the Mcebo Dlamini’s celebration of Hitler. Those of you trying to rationalize Allister Sparks buffoonery under some veneer of intellectual respectability are made of the same stock!

What Sparks said is just like what Dlamini said.  South Africans should stop their double standards.

Time has run out for Sparks; he is morally ruined for celebrating his racial fortunes like that.  To celebrate ones racial fortunes without being sensitive to Black Pain is insensitive. Allister attempted an evil project of trying to “cleanse the legacy” of the Architect of Apartheid. I am so gatvol of those who talk as if “Black Lives” are cheap!

Celebrating Verwoerd is a programme of self esteem for those who have little to celebrate. Celebrating monsters like Verwoerd, is nothing but ethnic chauvinism, through delusions of historic grandeur! By not mentioning a single black name, Sparks confirmed that he thought that Black people are not born noblemen and women!

I fail to see how Sparks can imply that Verwoerd “hath a daily beauty that makes people like Mandela look ugly”!

This DA conference brought what Allister Sparks thinks of Apartheid to the surface!

Some people really need “mass psychotherapy” to cure them of apartheid nostalgia.

Come to think of it, the ANC was right all along that a big number of South African Liberals are “closet racists”

The DA should be ashamed of contaminating their historic milestone of naming a Black Leader with such immoral celebration of an Apartheid relic.

I have great respect for how Jewish people use “collective memory” as a people ensuring that Neo-Nazis are outed wherever they appear! As a self respecting black person anyone who thinks Verwoerd is worth celebrating will be met with “Black Rage”!

(FaceBook Essay)
Verwoerd Pic: Wikimedia
Main Photo by: Sydelle Willow Smith