Pride does justice proud

Gillian Schutte in Mail & Guardian
A new movement for sexual minorities has spurned big business to
 fight broader social ills, writes Gillian Schutte.

The first Johannesburg People’s Pride march took place on October 5 at Constitution Hill and the political nature of the event was clearly evident. Protest songs filled the air. People’s Pride linked many struggles to those for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) rights – housing and other socioeconomic rights, and access to water and food.

Lack of service delivery and women

Womens’ sense of dignity compromised by lack of basic services

A trip into any of the hundreds of informal settlements in South Africa is a brutal reminder of the need to highlight issues such as the absence of basic services for women living in impoverished conditions.

Women struggle against the diseases that flourish in areas that offer virtually no services.