The future is not for softies.

By Gillian Schutte

(Dystopian Facebook Posts)

The future is not for softies. The best skills you can teach your young kids now are endurance and survival skills. Teach them how to live without water for days, how to protect themselves physically, how to forage in rubbish dumps and parks, how to live on little food, how to hide in shadows, how to trade and bargain, how to take from the rich what is rightfully theirs. Teach them extreme fighting skills to protect themselves.

Our future is apocalyptic because we are middle class. The poor already live an apocalyptic reality. The middle classes imagine that they are untouchable but they are expendable. It is the already impoverished ones who will survive what is coming because they live this reality right under our bourgeois noses.

The soft, the old, the indulgent, the unfit, the stupid, will be eaten. There will be no buffer zones between the super wealthy and the poor. It will be them and us. The future is all about class – it is raceless. The future for the masses is survival of the fittest under the most extreme conditions.

The middle classes will be the cause of this apocalyptic future because they squander people’s power and forego will to change the world. Instead they choose a life of empty consumerism and ego based accolades and comfort and material delusion. They buy their homes and their cars and their clothes and go on holiday and all the while the world is disintegrating around them but they do not care enough to change it. They ignore the great unwashed and the fact that they are already living this future.

We all know this. It is the dis-ease that fuels our consumption. We know this and yet we do not get it together to stop them.

The middle class thrives on obtuseness. It is what we are trained to do. We are the slaves of the upper classes. We think our degrees and promotions and looks and manicured lawns and new cars and cultivated cleverness makes us special – but in truth we are the most empty and manipulated lot – seduced by product into forgetting what it means to be authentically and fully human.

We all have the Marie Antoinette complex. Faux revolutions are engaged in to acquire more access to this endless avarice. Impotent outrage is a common pastime because it is more about ego and want of approval than the urgency of saving what is our human birthright

In truth we are controlled by the rich, by media, by outmoded educational systems, by race and gender binary classifications, sugar, refined foods, low self-esteem and delusional representations of ourselves.

We are not even human anymore. We are consuming robots controlled by the 10%. This my friends is our greatest weakness, our greatest sin, our lack of humanity.

If we do not choose sides this is the future. We must join the poor and rise up against the psychopathic wealthy class and demand common ground for all humanity and a cessation of the production of useless stuff … if we do not get it together to heal the world collectively this is undoubtedly where we are heading and it will not be stopped.

When the forests are gone – when the dolphins and polar bears and frogs are dead – when the last few indigenous animist communities around the world are no more – we will all be psychopaths. They are what is left of our compass to humanity.

Humans must live with the earth, for the earth and know the earth as an extension of our humanity. But we live against it.
Gillian Schutte

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